For a second, stop everything your doing. Take a deep breathe. Try and focus on your thoughts.

Can you stop your mind from chattering just for a second, please. I can hear it. Your mind is such a talkative. Everybody’s mind is. It’s always giving commentaries and labeling things, mostly thinking about the future. ”This is a table”, ”What will i eat this night”, ”OMG! I’m yet to reply that mail.” etc.

It’s always rambling. There’s so much noise in our heads.

Here is another exercise, stay with me.  Can you see your head as you read this? I am sure your answer is negative. However, you are aware it’s there and you can see every other thing outside your head. You can see everything in your visual perspective.
It is so with the MIND. If you become aware that all emotions stems from the mind, that emotions lead to thoughts and thoughts, actions. You are on your way to a whole new level.

Mastering how to turn off the switch to all these chattering and buzzing going on in one’s head it’s actually very important.
My friend’s are amazed at how I never seem to take anything seriously except my blog. I’ll tell you why. When I am blogging, I do not think about anything else, not about me, or my family, or about how to get money, how to pay my bills or whatever.
I just completely focus on the NOW. I focus on pouring my heart, my life and myself into every post. Nothing else matters.
What matter’s is NOW. We only have NOW. Tomorrow might never come. I might not make it to tomorrow. All I have is RIGHT NOW and I’m happy right now. Thinking of later or tomorrow or the future only makes me unhappy and i just want to be happy.

If you knew this was your final week on Earth, how would you live?

Contemplating this has brought me amazing perspectives.  It has re-awakened in me new vision:  colors seem more vibrant, the air seems more satisfying as I breath it in.  I see my family in a new light, soaking in each of the joy-filled moments we have together.

Living with the end in mind allows us to connect to our true priorities, to the things we care deeply about.  Thinking of this question has inspired me to focus on what I care about — my family, my purpose, finishing the books that are inside my heart, and living every moment FULLY ENGAGED rather than worried or distracted by things that mean very little.

I cannot afford to give myself High Blood Pressure because I’m worrying about tomorrow. So i just turn off all the nagging thoughts in my mind.
The most important thing is that I am aware of all my  thoughts and honestly AWARENESS COMES BEFORE THOUGHTS.

We ultimately crave happiness. I know you want to be happy. Practice embracing NOW, Hug this MOMENT. We only have NOW.
I’ve been practicing far too long it’s become a part of me. Try it and see if you won’t be happy just NOW.



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